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Naruto vs Sasuke short Naruto vs Sasuke short

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Some flaws, but a promising work!

I'm a fan of Naruto, wich I think is a must to understand the fight, and the final Rasengan :). The idea is great, and it's why i gave 7 points for the style, because it's rare to see these kind of things (I mean, fights, and Anime-Based theme). Sounds are well timed and representative of the theme.

There are some flaws :
- Background music is not stopping the show if finished, wich means that clicking on "Replay" will start the same background music over, which is cacophonic. ( Simple detail hehe )
- Camera is a little bit too static. It would have been a lot more immersive if between the moves or while the moves are occuring there was some close front camera shots, or others...

Well, very promising work that still lacks experience a bit!

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